2011 - ongoing
Story-Telling Sessions and Retreat

In collaboration with one of our ongoing partners SWEAT (Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce) we facilitated the use of visual arts as a container for the extraction of stories. The intervention formed part of SWEAT’s ongoing Read and Write project to assist participants in developing a booklet of stories to be used as an advocacy tool. Mothertongue interns and Programmes Director were involved in this project as part of our commitment to their ongoing development as leaders in the field of arts for social transformation.

We are able to replicate these sessions with a range of organisations and groups. The Mothertongue Project will provide a unique taylor-made programme on request, specifically for the needs of your organization.


Embodied Narratives

Continuing our previous work utilising interdisciplinary arts methodologies as a vehicle for the development of performed stories, Mothertongue further engaged key project members from Gender DynamiX, alongside one of our interns, in developing a work outlining their stories as advocates from the LGBTI community. Mothertongue blurs the distinction between professional and non professional theatre in assisting individuals to tell their stories.