We Dream Therefore We Are

With financial support from the National Arts Council, Mothertongue in September 2006 continued our cross-community professional theatre work in Darling. The focus of this year’s production was on the women’s dreams for Darling. The idea was to integrate theatre and visual art through performance to reflect these stories. We decided to continue to work in the small West Coast town of Darling where there are high levels of alcoholism and drug abuse resulting in rising levels of domestic violence against women. The creation process took place over a period of six weeks and involved workshops with women from the different communities of Darling. The purpose of the workshops was to access the stories that are particular to the area and in particular to the women’s dreams for Darling, before engaging in the actual creation of the production. The women from Darling performed in the final production alongside two professional Mothertongue performers. The whole company (made up of professional and non-professional actors) was engaged in the design and making of design materials. Working in a small town engaged the community of that town as much as possible in the creation and watching of the performance. It also served as a way of exposing the community to the potential that theatre holds in expressing and hopefully starting to proactively deal with social issues within the community.

we dream 1