Uhambo - Pieces of a Dream

The production offers an integration of theatre, visual art and literature in the form of fresh, on-the-spot performances, portraits and installations to probe democracy through the eyes of taxi drivers and commuters in South Africa. It reflects on ten years of democracy: where this has brought us, and the road yet travelled. Special focus is given to changes in women's social and sexual rights and whether women are benefiting from these changes.

As part of the creation process, workshops were held with a cross-section of women in the Western Cape. These workshops explored individual stories related to democratisation. The performance takes place on minibus taxis. In this way, the vehicles provide a container for the stories. A gallery space also forms part of the performance and houses interactive art installations with which the audience can engage after their taxi journey. Performers interact with these installations, thereby blurring the divide between visual and performing arts.

Given that the stories revolve around women’s journeys, literally and figuratively, we decided to create a production that would involve the audience travelling on minibus taxis.

The production was selected to perform on the Main Festival at the 2004 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. after which it returned to enjoy a run at the Intimate Theatre in Cape Town.

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Snippets from Uhambo: Pieces of a Dream (2004)

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