Written and performed by Siphumeze Khundayi
Directed by Sara Matchett

Ngangelizwe is a one woman show about the construction of a woman’s identity, taking into account issues of culture, sexuality, and sexual orientation. Traditional culture often plays a huge role in the construction of identity and it can often prove complicated to separate this aspect from the rest of your life, and it becomes tricky when you explore it in relation to sexual orientation. This piece uses Xhosa storytelling tools, projected media, movement, and song to tell a Xhosa intsomi about a girl called Ngangelizwe who is lives with her Grandmother, Grandfather, and their daughter. Set in rural Eastern Cape, the story explores Ngangelizwe’s experiences of love, betrayal and sexual abuse and the importance of marriage amongst abaXhosa. It is written and performed by Siphumeze Khundayi and directed by Sara Matchett.

The conceptualisation of the show was sparked by the homophobic attacks that have been increasing all over South Africa, which begot the narrative of a black lesbian woman in South Africa consists of beatings, corrective rape, and death. While it is important to share this narrative, there is more to the life of a black lesbian than that, and it is important to paint a holistic picture of one’s identity. The objective of this show is to share a narrative about the negotiation of culture and sexuality that a black lesbian woman faces on a day to day basis.

This piece will be performed for the first time at the Artscape Women’s Festival in August.