Indawo Yamaphupha

“Indawo Yamapphupha” makes for engaging theatre... if you're interested in new languages of theatre, this one's for you" - Mail and Guardian, May 2003

"The worst realities of our age are manufactured realities. It is therefore our task, as creative participants in the universe, to re dream our world. The fact of possessing imagination means that everything can be re dreamed. Each reality can have its alternative possibilities. Human beings are blessed with the necessity of transformation”. Ben Okri

Created and performed by Andrea Dondolo, Faniswa Yisa and Sara Matchett, in collaboration with poet, Shelley Barry. Directed by Caroline Calburn.

Three people journey to a Space-Space that allows them to explore and demystify their dreams- a Space that opens up possibilities for re-mythologising their personal histories. These stories have been inspired by the performers' personal experiences and dreams, as well as by the people they have conducted workshops with over a period of four weeks.

Indawo Yamaphupha - The Space of Dreams is The Mothertongue Project’s fourth production since its inception in September 2000, and continues to explore their vision of rediscovering the sacred and magical in theatre. It endeavours to re-ignite the importance of dreaming as a valuable tool for transformation and to realise that all human beings have their signatures stamped in the stories they tell themselves in dreams. The play combines techniques such as physical theatre, storytelling, ritual and sound to tap into the body’s own wisdom and wellspring of personal dreams and universal archetypes. Indawo Yamaphupha - The Space of Dreams performed as part of the 2003 Cape Town Festival as well as at the Intimate Theatre in Cape Town in April/May 2003.

"A remarkable visionary theatrical treasure" - Argus Tonight, July 2004

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