MotherTongue Walk: South Africa Production

Created and performed by Sara Matchett, Rosa Postlethwaite, Siphumeze Kundayi, Genna Gardini, and Koleka Putuma
Inspired by Maya Krishna Rao’s The Walk
Curated by Sara Matchett and Genna Gardini
Produced by The Mothertongue Project

how it began...

Walk: South Africa is a performance piece made by a group of South African artists in response to Maya Krishna Rao's The Walk. Rao created 'Walk' as a response to the gang-rape and murder of Jyoti Pandey. We decided, with Rao's permission, to create Walk: South Africa in early 2013, as a response to the gang-rape and murder of Anene Booysen.

In April 2013 the company started to conceptualize a performed response to gender violence in South Africa. What has emerged is a series of performed installations, which involve the audience walking. The performed responses combine live and recorded performance and sound.

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