MotherTongue Youth Leaders



Jaydene has been with The Mothertongue Project for 4 years. She has a 5 year old son. Jaydene believes she has learned a lot since being part of the MT Project. She has gained some valuable skills like writing and acting. She especially enjoys the writing as that is the best way to express herself as she doesn’t like to talk much. Beside working full time, she enjoys being in the group and for her it’s like a second family not related by blood but by creating change.



Melenie lives on a Le Chasseur Habata Farm. She has been part of The Mothertongue Project for almost 5 years. For her it is a journey that she never wants to stop travelling. She has learned a lot and given back to her community. She has learned leadership skills, budgeting and project management and is her foundation that keeps her strong in life. To her Mothertongue means so much more than just a name. The Mothertongue Project keeps her motivated.



Sandile also called Pat, is from a small town in the Langeberg area called Nkqubela. He has been part of The Mothertongue Project for nearly 5 years. For Pat being part of TMP has really helped him as a young person to make better choices in life, to grow as an artist and a good group leader.



Ashley has been part of The Mothertongue Project for 4 years. He believes that the project has changed his life through the different drama workshops and skills training. He says skills such as leadership, project management and budgeting TMP taught him helps him to use the skills in his community for the development of the youth.



Khaya grew up in a small town called Nkqubela. He likes to meet new people and share things that can change the way youth interact with the world. Sport and drama are helpful in my life because it keeps me busy and focused. TMP has taught me many things and I am a better person and I know how to move forward and face challenges.



Zukiswa is a hard worker and a quick learner. She sees herself as a leader, a dreamer and as a person who does not give up easily on anything with which she is tasked. She rejoined Mothertongue in 2016 after a break of one and a half years and is delighted to be back.