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Langeberg Youth Arts Project

The Langeberg Youth Arts Project has been implemented in the Langeberg region by The Mothertongue Project since 2012. Four of the youth actor/interns working with Mothertongue as project participants since 2012, have been afforded the opportunity to expand their experiences with the offer of a one year contract.

On 9 March 2017, 4 Langeberg youth leaders, Jaydene Lekay, Sandile Kosana, Ashley Seconds and Khayalethu Mkorwana started a new chapter with The Mothertongue Project. Thanks to the generosity and foresight of the DG Murray Trust, these 4 secured a one year contract, dedicating themselves to Early Years Theatre (EYT) productions and sharing these performances with children aged 2months to 7 years (mainly at ECD centres) throughout the Langeberg Region.

Early Years Theatre in the Langeberg

Early Years Theatre is a general term for theatre experiences for children aged between 2 weeks and 7 years.

Early Years Theatre impacts positively on confidence, self-esteem and creativity. Current theories of Neuroscience point to the importance of how brains are formed in the first three years of life, which influences intellectual and behavioural development of children. Given that the Langeberg region has some of the highest rates of foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in the world, the Early Years Theatre work could contribute towards, for example, preventing violent behaviour, substance abuse, difficulties in sustaining work, and living independently as adults. The project will thus add to the social development of the Langeberg community.The aim is also to educate and involve parents and caregivers in their children’s well-being and education.


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Under the direction of Jason Jacobs and Nolufefe Ntshuntshe, the group of 4 has further developed the popular EYT works, Tinnetjies, Pampiri and In2Out that were created together with students from the University of Cape Town’s Drama Department in September 2016.

Byekorf Creche in McGregor will be the first group of young audiences to enjoy the revised works. Another 4 ECD centres in the region will be contacted to experience these performances during the latter part of February through June 2017


Lienkie se Longe

"'n plaaslik ontwikkelde drama wat oor tuberkulose handel"

Die drama, wat deur plaaslike akteurs opgevoer word onder leiding van Dr. Veronica Baxter van die Universiteit Kaapstad se Dramaskool, vertel die storie van Lienkie, wie se longe 'n gesprek met mekaar voer oor hul gesondheid en die gesondheid van Lienkie se kêrel. Click here to Read more

world aids day

World Aids Day

"Living with HIV is a tough road, but not a death sentence"

Through dance and mime, the Mothertongue Project in McGregor ensured young people attending the World Aids Day event in Robertson  left with a strong message about the importance of precaution and safe sex. Click here to Read more